Monday, 7 March 2011

Rant 741 / Birds Outside My Window

Tried UmiSushi delivery the other day. Not going to try it again.

We were in the mood for something special so the budget for that meal was $80 for 4 people. Picked the Harvest Set A, 2 bentos and 2 temakis.

Temakis were not fantastic. Even those sold in some Cold Storage (or is it NTUC? Shit I'm getting old) are better. The problem with their food is the rice. It sucks. So their sushi sucks too. Their bentos are cheaper than those from Sakae but they're very plain and again, the rice sucks.

With that meal in mind, I can easily say that that is the last time I trying their food.

I'd try Sakae but their sushis appeared more expensive.

No matter what, instant coffee, regardless of whether it came in 3-in-1 or pure, just tastes... hollow... compared to real coffee. Why? What is missing from it?

Zeus: Master of Olympus is an interesting game. Too bad I didn't foresee that I'd be using the exact same city for most of the rounds in the Adventure I'm playing. I thought it'd be like most campaigns where each round uses a different map, and even when it's the same map I'd be given a city pre-made by them.

But no, in the Adventure here I'm using the exact same city over and over again for different stages, so things got a little messy. Currently at the stage where I have to kill the Maenads after conquering Mt Cithaeron and it just takes forever to get Jason.

The main problem is the city design. It was the first city I made in my first Adventure, therefore it was designed without most of the structures necessary in the future in mind, like Elite Housing and Stables. Furthermore, there's been this persistent problem of the normal housing evolving and devolving, which I've deduced is caused by insufficient peddlars from the agoras, which in turn may be caused by the inefficient paths taken by the AI peddlars.

If I had the choice I'd rebuild the whole city but all I have now is 5000 drachmas.

I used to have this misconception that I write better when I'm tired. I have no idea why I'm bringing this up.

It appeared to me that somehow when I was tired I was able to write more stuff and have more ideas.

What proved me wrong was multiple occasions of this:

I blogged one night and published the rant. Woke up next day and proofread it, only to come to this conclusion: 

"Holy shit I sound fcking retarded!"

Which led to the next conclusion:

"That means I am fcking retarded."

Which, in turn, led to the final conclusion:

"Since I've read worse, that means the rest of the world is also fcking retarded."

Hence the rant was not deleted.

Yep, multiple occasions of this. So yea, if you've found really stupid things that I've typed in past rants, it probably resulted in the above. I don't usually delete stuff that I have already published.

However, this doesn't stop me from spouting more bovine excrement when I'm tired. I was, after all, born in the year of the ox. So when I'm being full of shit, rest assured it's 100% Extra Virgin bullshit. Guaranteed.

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